Alive and More offers a mix of studio manufactured, hand made products and some industrial made accessories. Our hand painted clothes are made from 100% Cotton canvas that is cut and sewed after the artwork is painted on using a mix of acrylics and sometimes oil sticks. These pieces are wearable art and are not designed to withstand normal wear and washing. The design will transform with you or you may choose to preserve the garment as much as possible to retain the original look. All of our manufactured pieces are designed to last through our choice of quality fabrics and printing methods. 

Where are Alive and More products made?

All our products are made or manufactured in the UK

Can I wash the hand-painted trousers and jackets?

Yes you can but we recommend Dry Clean only for all hand painted pieces

Do the hand-painted pieces all look exactly the same as in the picture?

No, there will be a slight variation depending on where the canvas was cut.

Are all the digital printed items exactly the same as in the picture?

Yes, all the digital print and graphic print products are manufactured to be as seen in the pictures

How can I get a custom piece made?

Contact +447435838459